The revealing of human genome sequences promises an unprecedented pote…

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The revealing of human genome sequences promises an unprecedented potential for new discoveries in biomedical research. Our research focuses are the determination of 3D protein structures by


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Brandon Blackwood was a designer of his time, attracting hundreds of thousands of shoppers to his bags with the click of a button.

The accessories designer started his brand in 2015, but has soared during the pandemic replica handbags , building his business with virtual community engagement. That's going a step further on Friday with the

release of Blackwood's spring 2022 collection, which launched on his website at noon and has already inspired many social media posts and comments on his feed.

Blackwood, 30, is now looking to "elevate" his company with a series of initiatives to roll out over the next six months , and he's also grappling with a new challenge: getting face-to-face with his fans as pandemic

restrictions are lifted comminicate.

"It's more natural to me [virtually], which makes a lot of sense to me. Always when I'm asked to have a conversation in person, I'm totally anxious before I go because I've had to live so much with

this brand, It's my comfort zone, not face-to-face," says the designer , who likes many millennials and Gen Zers who grew up with an appetite for computer time after school .

For some time now, the designer has felt that his bag business has a big advantage. So Blackwood plans to launch a shoe and ready-to-wear collection later this year to expand on the reasons for his bag's success.

He will also host his first major in-person branding event this summer in celebration of Juneteenth. The event will be a massive replica of the Juneteenth party hosted by Blackwood at his home in

Brooklyn, New York, and will provide a roster of vendors from local black-owned businesses to drive support within his own community.

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